RC Spinners vs. Hot Pot (on 04/10/2011)

Posted on 10 April 2011 by David Del Vecchio

RC Spinners (US Open TTC) lost to Hot Pot (LATTA) 1-4

Kevin Menezes lost to Larry Yun 2-3 (9, -9, 5, -6, 10)
Martin Chow lost to Felix Vuong 0-3 (9, 4, 5)
Rudy Jr. Esparza/Martin Chow lost to Felix Vuong/Larry Yun 2-3 (-9, -10, 4, 10, 10)
Rudy Jr. Esparza defeated Kiet Ly 3-2 (7, 7, -5, -12, 9)
Rudy Esparza lost to Larry Yun 1-3 (3, 7, -8, 7)

RC Spinners and Hot Pot

Rudy Esparza Jr. against Kiet Ly

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Rudy Esparza Jr. vs. Kiet Ly

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  1. Martin Chow Says:


    My teammate Kevin told me he submitted a video of Rudy Jr. vs. Kiet, but I can’t seem to locate it on the website. Will you please tell me where it is?

    Thank you.

    Martin Chow

  2. Martin Chow Says:

    Also, what is the link to the players’ recent ratings?



  3. David Del Vecchio Says:


    Sorry for the delay, video should be posted now.

    In terms of player ratings you can go to:
    and select CA – LATTF from the drop-down to see the ratings of all the players in the league.

    Keep in mind, however, that the ratings aren’t updated until the after end of each season, so the ratings listed are from after the Fall 2010 Season.

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