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Register for the Fall 2011 Season!

Register for the Fall 2011 Season!

Posted on 10 July 2011 by David Del Vecchio

Fall 2011 Season

Registration is now open for the LATTF Fall 2011 Season (season runs from September through November):

Registration is usually handled by the team captain after getting approval from your home club owner (for more guidance on putting together a team see how to participate).

New to the league? See how the league works for all the details.

Need a team? If you want to play, but need a team, get help finding some teammates.

Team Roster Rules:

  • Team rosters must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 players.
  • All players must have a tournament or league rating as of 2/8/2011 (highest of the two used for players with both).
  • Maximum rating difference between players on team cannot exceed 300 points (500 points for teams with rating average above 2300 or below 1000).
  • Youth division players must be 14 or younger as of 1/1/2011.


Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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Spring 2011 Awards Banquet

Spring 2011 Awards Banquet

Posted on 08 July 2011 by David Del Vecchio

Awards Banquet

If you’re on a team that participated in the Spring 2011 you’ll want to come to the end-of-season awards banquet. Coaches, club representatives, friends and family are more than welcome as well.

Awards will be presented to the winning teams in each division, and everyone will enjoy free food and a great social experience with all the people participating in the league. Don’t miss it!

What: End of season awards banquet for spring 2011 season

Where: In the Santa Monica College Pavilion Gym. Free parking is available in the Parking Structure entering from Pico Blvd. and Parking Lot #2 on Pearl Street between 17th and 20th Street on Friday afternoon and weekends.  Street parking is also free on weekends.

1900 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

When: Saturday, July 30th at from 1PM-3PM (the gym will be open for open play for free starting at 11AM…. so feel free to come and play and work up an appetite before the awards banquet).

Dress code: Whatever.  If you wanna play… dress for that, if not… maybe let the other players see what you look like after a shower in some casual clothes.  8>)

Who: You, your teammates (talk to them please) and your family is welcome as well.

Please RSVP by Friday, July 15th

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