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Registration open for Spring 2013 Season!

Registration open for Spring 2013 Season!

Posted on 15 January 2013 by David Del Vecchio

Spring 2013 Season - Register Today!

Registration is now open for the LATTF Spring 2013 Season (season runs from March to June):

Registration is usually handled by the team captain after getting approval from your home club owner (for more guidance on putting together a team see how to participate).

New to the league? See how the league works for all the details.

Need a team? If you want to play, but need a team, get help finding some teammates.

Team Roster Rules:

  • Team rosters must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 players.
  • All players must have a tournament or league rating as of 3/1/2013 (highest of the two used for players with both).
  • Maximum rating difference between players on team cannot exceed 300 points (500 points for teams with rating average above 2200 or below 1000).
  • Youth division players must be 14 or younger, high school division players must be 18 or younger as of 1/1/2013.


Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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