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Awards Banquet Celebrates Spring 2014 Season

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Awards Banquet Celebrates Spring 2014 Season

Posted on 10 August 2014 by David Del Vecchio

We had a lot of fun at the Awards Banquet for the Spring 2014 Season and it was great to see all the division winners get their trophies and medals. Special thanks to Ararat Table Tennis in Glendale, CA for hosting the event.

Check out the photos from the event below and congratulations to all of the winners!


Division 1

  • Champion: LATTA !st Team (LATTA) – Zihao (Justin) Huang, Koffee Lu, Tuan Dai Le
  • Runner-Up: 3 Black Men (SPiN Standard) – Adam Bobrow, Subal Mehta, Kevin Li, Sandesh Awale

Division 2

  • Champion: The Invincibles (Gilbert TTC) – Charles Kim, Kee Lee, Warren Lee, James (Alex) Marquez, Han Choi
  • Runner-Up: Hitmen (Westside TTC) – Michael Baggott, Kenneth Seiple, Sasanka Budhavarapu, Josh Bornstein, Simone Cecchini

Division 3

  • Champion: MTAG Sr. (SGVBC 2) – Tim Chen, Aashish Thakker, Kelvin Lee, Joe Qiao, Ben Cheng
  • Runner-Up: Frozen Paddles (Gilbert TTC) – Kevin Li Te Sun, Xia Yi, Aman Ak, Ashay Burungale, Jimmy Liu

Division 4

  • Champion: Golden Ninjas (Anaheim Community Center) – Warren Hoo, Midori Pesyna, Steven Noh, Fred Liao, Minh Lu
  • Runner-Up: Walnut EFC (SGVBC 2) – Denwun Lin, Scott Hsu, Ling-Ling Lin, Peter Su

Corporate Division

  • Champion: Team Zest (Gilbert TTC) – Marick Sinay, Rohan D’Souza, Alexander Tamoykin, Ian Hall, Van Morgan
  • Runner-Up: Blackline Table Tennis 1 (USA Valley TTC) – James Kim, Russell Mullin, Tyler Weitz, Illya Lavrik

Youth Division

  • Champion: LATTA 1 (LATTA) – Derek Hong, Tiffany Cai, Timothy Cai
  • Runner-Up: LATTA 2 (LATTA) – David Lin, Ryan Lov, Matthew Leung, Wesley Yuen

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