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Awards Banquet Celebrates Fall 2014 Season

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Awards Banquet Celebrates Fall 2014 Season

Posted on 19 January 2015 by David Del Vecchio

We had a lot of fun at the Awards Banquet for the Fall 2014 Season and it was great to see all the division winners get their trophies and medals. Special thanks to Song Jeho TTC in Koreatown for hosting the event.

Check out the photos from the event below and congratulations to all of the winners!

Division 1

  • Champion: LATTA !st Team (LATTA) – Zihao (Justin) Huang, Koffee Lu, Kiet Law
  • Runner-Up: OC Magic Spin (OC Magic Spin TTC) – Zaman Molla, Tung Pham, Tuan Dai Le, Sherwin Afshar, Vic Truong

Division 2

  • Champion: KillaHurtz (LADWP) – Miguel Munoz, Anthony Law, Tom Nguyen, Xia Yi, Arman Ak
  • Runner-Up: The Invincibles (Jung TTC) – Charles Kim, Ronald Morgan, Warren Lee, Alex Marquez, Stephen Bunker

Division 3

  • Champion: Walnut EFC (SGVBC 2) – Denwun Lin, Scott Hsu, Ling-Ling Lin, Peter Su, Simon Simpri
  • Runner-Up: Taenergy (USC’s Ping Pong Posse) – Tae Kim, Gloria Deng, Franz Zhao, Jong Hak “Hawk” Choi

Corporate Division

  • Champion: X-love (Gilbert TTC) – Johnny Quach, Mike Jeon, Yong Ji, Eric Seok, Kevin Ibanez
  • Runner-Up: ALN eSMASHERS (USA Valley TTC) – Chris Olsen, Erez Bustan, Suresh Naganathan, Wallace Ng, Ofri Shalom

Youth Division

  • Champion: K.A.D. Team (Newport Beach TTC) – Angelica Arellano, Keyla Arellano, Danial Asaria
  • Runner-Up: LATTA Silver Bullet (LATTA) – Arianna Zhou, Audrey Zhou, Angelina Zhou

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