The Los Angeles Ping Pong Federation is about getting people who love ping pong involved in the sport in the most fun and exciting way possible.  And we think the most fun and exciting way to experience any sport is by playing on a team with friends.

Ping pong (aka table tennis) is very popular in the US but most people are not familiar with a place to play outside of their basement, their friend’s house, their office or their next cruise ship. That’s why our goal is to give players of ALL skill levels a chance to play with their friends against other teams in the area so that they can make new friends, have close, exciting matches while experiencing table tennis in an excellent facility (wind, couches and parked cars will not get in the way).

The LA Ping Pong team league is very flexible so that busy parents, kids in school and pretty much anyone should be able to play. Think you are not good enough to play in the league? Please think again. The league is growing every season and getting more and more beginners.  If you have questions or need help that’s what we’re here for.  A sport for people of all ages, boys and girls, old and young, that can be played in the heat of the summer or the SNOWY SNOWY winters of Los Angeles.

So come join the fun!  You’ll be happy you did.  And HAPPINESS should be pretty high on EVERYONE’S priority list.  8>)

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