The Los Angeles Table Tennis Federation (trade name LA Ping Pong) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of table tennis clubs in the Los Angeles area. It was started by Bruce Liu, David Del Vecchio, and Adam Bobrow in the fall of 2009 with the goal of boosting table tennis participation and competitive table tennis opportunities in Southern California. The first season of the LA Ping Pong team league was held in the spring of 2010.

Board of Advisors

The board of advisors sets the direction for the organization and the rules and policies of the league, with input from representatives from participating clubs:

  • Adam Bobrow
  • David Del Vecchio
  • Masaru Hashimoto
  • Lloyd McQueen
  • Winston Ngai
  • George J. Sanchez
  • Diego Schaaf

Division Coordinators

Division coordinators organize the season schedule for a division and coordinate matches between the teams in that division:

  • Matt Averbukh
  • Lloyd McQueen
  • Eric Wang
  • Clayton Kjos
  • Alvin Kong
  • Steve Lee
  • Kamran Khairzad
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